Forecasting and Consulting 

Monitoring and Modeling Macroeconomic Risk in Finance

Macroeconomic modeling and forecasting, monetary policy advisory, and risk consulting suiting the needs of a broad range of decision-makers. Contact us to learn more.

Macroeconomic forecasting and analysis

  • Macro Forecast
    Our macroeconomic forecasts help predict the future course of an economy and quantify perceived risks in a disciplined way. The results provide considerations for pricing and risk management decisions.

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  • Macro Risk
    Our macroeconomic imbalance monitor screens a number of crucial macro-fundamental variables to identify sources of distress in a given economy. The resulting indicator points at the risk of a potential exchange rate adjustment or realignment of macroeconomic policies.

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Macroeconomic and monetary policy consulting

  • Macroeconomic advice and modeling assistance
    We assist central banks and other institutions in modernizing monetary policy and enhancing macroeconomic forecasting and decision-making capacities. Our technical assistance in designing macroeconomic models is tailored to the given economy.
  • Research and advice on specific topicsWe offer macroeconomic assessment insight and tailored advice to help clients scrutinize financial data and reports in order to form a view of how a given economy might develop in the medium term.
  • Country intelligenceWe have a long track-record in analyzing emerging and frontier markets and a deep understanding of local macroeconomic issues and data.

Tailored macroeconomic risk management

  • Pricing financial instruments in exotic marketsWe combine observable market data and macro-fundamental analysis to provide tools for the theoretical fair-pricing of financial instruments in poorly established local capital markets. This helps guide the funding and valuation decisions of our clients.
  • Risk management services
    Our experience benefits our clients in dealing with the challenges of research in exotic markets to deliver tailored risk management services. This improves macroeconomic risk management and quantification.

In-depth analysis
We provide macroeconomic insight on markets in general, and, in particular, in regions where our research needs to overcome the challenges of scarce data, political instability and structural imbalances.